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5 ways to safely share the road with truckers

No matter if you are on the freeway, just picking the kids up from school down the street or on a two-lane highway in a low-traffic area, the fact is you must share the road with other drivers. In a perfect world, everyone would drive defensively and be completely aware of others, but it does not always work that way. If you are driving a smaller car, driving next to big trucks can be particularly daunting. If a trucker is not doing his part to drive safely and you want to arrive at your destination unscathed, use the following tips.

Common sources of distraction for truckers

Distracted truckers are a major problem in New Orleans. According to, there are nearly 660,000 motorists using electronic devices and cellphones at any given moment while they are operating their vehicles across the United States. This includes commercial vehicle operators.

Factors evaluated during a truck accident investigation

On the roads in Louisiana, passenger cars and large commercial vehicles operate side by side. A crash between a big rig and a smaller passenger vehicle could result in severe injuries or death. Accidents like these sometimes trigger personal injury lawsuits, and when accident investigators are searching for evidence of negligence, they may evaluate issues specific to the trucking industry. 

Pros and cons of out-of-court personal injury settlements

A person hurt in a commercial vehicle crash in Louisiana has some options when trying to get compensation from the responsible party. The person could litigate the issue and strive for a positive court ruling. Alternative dispute resolution presents another option. Alternatives such as mediation, arbitration and negotiation offer advantages such as a faster resolution and costs that are lower than a prolonged trial. 

Truck rear-end collision mitigation systems

Louisiana motorists will likely appreciate the new collision mitigation system that helps truck drivers avoid rear-end collisions. ZF and WABCO are two global truck parts suppliers that are developing collision avoidance technology, known as the Evasive Maneuver Assist system. This system improves upon existing braking technology by giving the vehicle the ability to maneuver itself around a stopped truck. 

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