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Do cars have to collide to be considered a hit-and-run?

On Saturday, April 19, a car accident occurred that took the life of an individual driving a passenger car in Louisiana. The hit-and-run accident was a serious one in which the victim's vehicle flipped over on the road. When it hit, a fire broke out in the overturned vehicle.

After the crash occurs isn't the time to put down the cellphone

Another Louisiana teen was cited this past week for careless operation of his vehicle, texting while driving and failing to stop for a school bus. These charges occurred after he caused an accident involving his pickup truck and a school bus on its way to a Calcasieu Parish school.

Ironman dreams eliminated for two athletes in New Orleans

The Ironman competition is an event that tests the pure athleticism of the individuals that compete in the trial. It was recently held in New Orleans. Those that competed in the Ochsner IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans were asked to swim 1.2 miles, ride a bicycle on a route that took them across 56 miles of earth and then they were invited to get off the bike and run 13.1 miles.

How do personal injury damages make a person whole?

Life is messy, and accidents are inevitably going to happen in New Orleans. Sometimes, these accidents result in an injury. If we decide to do something careless and injure ourselves, that’s on us. Where the safety of others is concerned, we have a duty to act in a reasonable manner. And this is more than a moral obligation, it’s a legal one.

Truck jackknifes, snares traffic on Bonnet Carre Spillway

For a number of New Orleans residents traveling to work in the early morning hours on Tuesday, April 1, their day didn’t start off in the best way possible. A truck accident stalled traffic on the Bonnet Carre Spillway during rush hour and injured some of those involved.

Arachnids and automobiles: when combining the two is dangerous

Insects; they’re definitely a part of life in the south. New Orleans residents may choose to have their houses regularly sprayed with insecticide or more vigilantly check their shoes for spiders than our neighbors to the north. Speaking of those little arachnids, even the non-poisonous ones might be more dangerous than one might think.

Fiery FedEx collision draws national attention

The readers of our New Orleans motor vehicle accidents law blog don't have to know the individuals involved in an accident that occurred Thursday, April 10, for their hearts to go out to victims and their families. News sources reported that late in the afternoon, a large FedEx company truck crossed through the median on a freeway in California, striking a school bus filled with students.

Nurse aids Port St. Lucie teen after driver flees accident scene

Negligence is a standard of care that is measured against the conduct that one would expect from a reasonable person under similar circumstances. A negligent person doesn’t have to intend harm for a victim to recover compensation to help pay for medical bills, lost wages and other damages. This is essentially why we call these occurrences accidents and not crimes.

The show 'went on' even after New Orleans school buses collide

In early March, a group of teenagers geared up for a parade. For this group, it meant putting on a uniform, lacing up their boots and topping the ensemble off with a hat. It meant making sure the brass was shined, extra reeds were available and the flags were wrapped up and ready to go.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month is no April Fools' joke

Whether New Orleans residents manually flipped a paper page or a smartphone application automatically updated the calendar for them, we've moved into the month of April. Only a few hours into the day, many of our readers have probably already heard some mention of April Fools' Day -- maybe it was a simple ad in an email about a deal or a complicated prank.

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