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Louisiana boy killed in tragic school bus accident

Every day, millions of children board school buses to head off to school. Parents trust the drivers to exercise the utmost caution with their loved ones and expect them to return home safely every afternoon. More often than not that is the case. But even one aberration is one too many, especially when it involves the lives of children.

Louisiana man charged for third DWI after hitting school bus

At what point does an impaired driver learn his or her lesson? How many convictions and suspended licenses and stints in jail does it take for a repeat drunk driver to get the picture? How many car accidents and injuries are necessary to make a multiple offender wise up? We’ve seen a fair amount of stories of late about drunk drivers being charged for the second, third, even sixth time.

Commercial vehicle accident lands 4 in hospital

Commercial vehicles like company box trucks, rental vans and delivery trucks pack a powerful punch. So, when they are involved in an accident with a passenger car, the results are usually devastating. Because of this, delivery truck drivers have a special duty to drive carefully, remain alert at all times and follow traffic laws fastidiously.

Accident involving 18-wheelers leaves 2 dead in Louisiana

Accidents involving big rigs are often deadlier than normal car accidents. The sheer size and power of semi-trucks gives them the potential to be deadly weapons and, because of this, truck drivers bear a solemn responsibility to the public to exercise the utmost care in their operation.

Baton Rouge company aims to curb distracted driving

Everyone has seen someone doing it or done it themselves at one point or another. You get that notification on your phone while driving and glance over at it to see what it was. Or even worse, you pick it up and answer the text or email, all the while casting quick glances at the road to make sure you’re still in your lane.

Louisiana woman dead after semi-truck accident

It’s happened to so many drivers at some point in their lives: you’re driving along the road when suddenly your car starts acting up. It starts sputtering and jerking. The wheel locks up and suddenly the car goes dead.

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