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Taxi crash leaves passenger in critical condition

When you’re visiting another city and use a taxi, you normally take for granted that the driver is safe and will follow the rules of the road. After all that’s how they make a living. But sometimes, in an effort to hurry or just out of pure negligence, drivers cut corners or try to flout the rules and accidents happen. While there are regulations governing cab drivers, there’s no guarantee that your driver isn’t fatigued or under the influence of a substance.

Several injured in Louisiana car accident

Readers of this blog are no strangers to stories about car crashes. We read about them every day and, sometimes, can become a little jaded to their impact. To the families affected, however, the pain and heartache caused by car accidents can last for years. So can the medical expenses involved in getting victims back to normal through surgery and rehabilitation. Even minor injuries can have long-term effects.

Erratic driving leads to massive truck accident

We pass them every day on the highways of Louisiana and trust them to operate their oversized vehicles safely. We trust their companies to have trained their drivers well and provide them with safe, working equipment. That’s a fair amount of trust when it comes to our safety and the safety of our loved ones, and when that trust it broken, it can have devastating consequences.

Hit-and-run involving garbage truck kills Louisiana man

When someone causes an accident or hits a pedestrian, there’s a natural inclination to panic. Whether it’s a fear of retaliation from the person who was hit or trying to avoid the legal repercussions, the decision to leave the scene of a crash is always wrong. Most people would agree with the above statement, but hit-and-run accidents are still a quite common occurrence in Louisiana.

Wrongful death suit filed in fatal bus accident

Louisiana school bus drivers have a solemn charge: take our children to school every morning and bring them home safely every afternoon. Most bus drivers take this duty seriously and drive the school children as if they were their own. Unfortunately, not all of them share this sense of responsibility and perhaps as a result of this, accidents happen.

Delivery truck accident kills 20-year-old bicyclist

When we discuss trucking accidents, the majority of the time it’s about tractor-trailers and semis colliding with cars. But there are other trucks on the road that can cause a potential hazard for passenger cars, pedestrians and bicyclists: delivery trucks. They are usually tasked with navigating tight city streets and have a duty to practice safe driving procedures at all times. When they don’t, their sheer size can do catastrophic damage.

Truck driver sentenced to prison for 2012 tractor-trailer crash

Truck drivers in Louisiana — and across the country — bear a solemn responsibility to the public when they hit the road in their oversized vehicles. Commercial vehicle drivers undergo special training for their expanded licenses, which means that they should, in theory, be held to a higher standard of safety than your average driver. So it follows that the trucking companies that assess, hire and often train the drivers should also be held responsible if they’ve failed to meet their obligations.

New Louisiana bill looks to curb victim's rights

It’s become popular to wax poetic about the evils of frivolous litigation or crack jokes about trial lawyers and, like most jokes, there is some seed of truth there. But, for all the humor, the civil courts are set up for a noble purpose: to allow normal citizens access to real justice and compensation when they’ve been legitimately wronged. Within those walls, the wealth, power and status of a company or an individual are supposed to have no influence.

Hit-and-run suspect finally brought to justice

The oft-used legal maxim “Justice delayed is justice denied” isn’t always true. One of the hardest things for the families of victims of hit-and-run accidents to deal with is the fact that their loved one’s killer got away Scot-free. It’s emotionally devastating and makes coming to grips with what happened all that much harder.

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