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Truck accident kills 4, injures 4 others

Summer is a time when American families hit the roads in droves. The children are out of school, you’ve got some time off work and you’ve saved up the money to treat yourself and your family to a fun vacation. But part of that road-tripping can involve dealing with the tractor-trailers that crisscross the nation’s highways and roads all year round.

Louisiana man killed in car accident

Cars have become such a part of our everyday lives that it's nearly impossible to imagine living without them. We jump in them for a quick trip to the store. We settle in to them for a long road trip. We use them to get to and from work almost every day. Because we use them so much, it's easy to forget how dangerous driving on Louisiana's roads and highways can be. Whether we like to face the reality or not, car accidents happen all the time in the Pelican State. 

Bus accident leaves woman with severe facial injuries

New Orleans, in large part, is a town that relies on tourism as the engine of its economy. Every year, people flock to the Big Easy to eat Po’ Boys, visit the French Quarter and hear some of the best jazz and blues in the world. Because of this, tour buses are ubiquitous; you see them all over town — the big, red double-deckers that cart the sightseers around town in style. It’s a great way to see a large swath of the city from the comfort of a bus. 

Louisiana student dies in hit-and-run

Being involved in an accident is hard enough, but what if the responsible party flees the scene? Not only does this leave you with limited means of identifying them, making compensation claims difficult, but if there are no witnesses to the accident, you risk being left unattended until someone finds you.

Trucker dies in multivehicle accident in Louisiana

With so many vehicles on the roads, accidents are, sadly, not an uncommon sight. Regardless of the type and number of vehicles involved, traffic accidents can often be devastating, resulting in serious injuries or even death for those involved. Trucks are no exception to this rule and, in fact, often become embroiled in large scale accidents, especially if they are towing a heavy or volatile load.

Woman pinned by taxi suffers multiple injuries

Riding in a taxi in New Orleans, as with almost any major city, can be a risk. Your driver could be tired, distracted or even inebriated and you have no control. There are regulations for cab drivers, but taxi accidents happen more often than you might think. In truth, you don’t even need to be riding in the taxi to be the victim of one, as a recent news story proved.

Accident in Louisiana kills 1, injures 2 others

A 49-year-old Louisiana woman is dead after a tragic accident that happened June 30. A pickup truck was headed west on Highway 821 in Louisiana when, for reasons that are still under investigation, the driver ran through a stop sign and slammed into the woman’s Ford Taurus before striking a Chevy truck that was parked in a parking lot near the intersection.

Louisiana man hits little girl while fleeing another accident

Any fatal accident is a tragedy. But hit-and-run accidents, especially when they’re caused by a drunk driver, are especially heinous. One Louisiana family is in immense pain today as they struggle to come to grips with the senseless loss of a loved one.

Bus accident leaves 1 dead, 5 injured

Passengers found themselves trapped after the bus they were riding in careened off the road and slammed into a building. According to reports, the bus was headed eastbound when, out of the blue, the driver swerved across the street and rode along the sidewalk for a bit before plowing into the building. The accident caused a portion of the building to collapse. The debris trapped the passengers inside. They attempted to open the door, but seeing that it wouldn’t budge, another passenger opened the emergency window and they were able to escape via that route.

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