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Head-on crash costs 2 lives in Louisiana

Louisiana police have reported a fatal crash on the streets of Lake Charles. The collision involved four vehicles and led to the deaths of two people. One of the surviving drivers has been incarcerated after the accident on suspicion of drunken driving and other charges.

NHTSA motorcycle statistics

Louisiana residents might be interested in the national statistics regarding motorcycle fatalities. In 2012, nearly 5,000 motorcycle fatalities occurred throughout the U.S., and 78 of those fatalities took place in Louisiana, according to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of those 78 fatalities, 95 percent of bikers were wearing their helmets at the time of the crash and only 5 percent were not.

Regulations targeting commercial drivers

Commercial drivers in Louisiana are subject to federal laws that limit the number of hours they can work. These laws apply to people who drive trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Other covered drivers include people who are paid to drive others, such as taxi-drivers or bus drivers. Still other covered drivers are those who transport 16 or more people. The purpose of these laws is to protect both those being transported and others on the highways from an increased risk of injury.

Car crashes cost Louisiana residents millions

Louisiana residents shared some of the costs resulting from car crashes that totaled almost $1 trillion nationally in 2010. These costs include a loss of productivity due to lost work time as well as loss of life and the associated costs.

Tractor with no lights may have caused highway truck crash

Louisiana State Police say two 18-wheelers crashed into each other on Oct. 1 allegedly due to a farm tractor that was on the road with no headlights. Authorities have not yet located the farm tractor and its driver, leading them to suspect that the negligent party fled the scene of an accident.

Louisiana motorcyclist killed in crash on Highway 343

On Sept. 25, a 54-year-old man died as a result of a motorcycle accident on Highway 343. According to Louisiana State Police, the Acadia Parish accident occurred when a northbound Mitsubishi Montero, attempting to turn left, entered the path of a southbound Harley-Davidson motorcycle operated by the 54-year-old man.

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