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Driver involved in Louisiana accident charged

On Aug. 25, the driver of a passenger vehicle reportedly collided with a tractor-trailer on Interstate 10 in Louisiana. According to the Louisiana State Police, the crash took place at milepost 131 at the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge and LA 3177 intersection in Butte LaRose.

Wrong-way driving and accidents in Louisiana

Every year in Louisiana and across the country, accidents in which drivers are driving the wrong way on divided highways happen. Many of these types of accidents are head-on collisions at high rates of speed, and they are thus much more likely to be fatal than are any other type of accident.

Falling asleep when driving causes accident fatalities

As many Louisiana residents already know, driver fatigue is linked to fatal accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that fatigued drivers cause one quarter of fatal accidents in the United States each year. Without totally effective ways to curtail driving while fatigued, car and truck manufacturers are looking into technology that acts to alert the driver. The actual number of motor vehicle accidents caused by fatigue may be underreported, according to researchers, since no independent testing modality exists. Unless a driver admits he or she fell asleep, it might not be a consideration.

Driver fatigue ruled as cause of accident

Louisiana residents may recall the accident that occurred June 7, 2014, involving comedian Tracey Morgan around 1 a.m. in New Jersey as Morgan was riding in a limousine van with friends when the vehicle was struck by a Walmart truck. An investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board has ruled that the accident occurred as a result of driver fatigue on the part of the Walmart driver.

Appeals court drops charges in fatal car accident

On Aug. 4, it was reported that a Louisiana woman was found not responsible for a car accident that was caused by her husband. According to the report, a state appeals court upheld a ruling that dismissed civil charges associated with the death of a veterinarian in 2011.

Louisiana appeals court disappoints parents of car crash victim

The lawyer for the parents who lost their son in a car accident said that they are considering appealing their case to the Louisiana Supreme Court after a disappointing appeals court decision. A majority of the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal declared that the woman who owned the Nissan Maxima that was involved in the fatal accident was not responsible.

Louisiana highway closed for over 8 hours after truck accident

The northbound lanes of Interstate 55 were closed to traffic for over eight hours on July 30 after two tractor-trailers collided in St. John Parish. The truck accident took place near milepost 13.6 in the vicinity of Ruddock at approximately 1 a.m. The highway was reopened to northbound vehicles at approximately 9 a.m.

Dump truck accident causes hours-long traffic back-up

People in Louisiana may be interested to learn about a recent deadly dump truck accident that resulted in an hours-long traffic back-up on the New Jersey Turnpike. The accident, reported on national wire services, happened on Aug. 4 around 10:30 a.m.

Fatal drunk driving accident raises liability questions

Media outlets in Louisiana and around the country have reported that four young women were killed and four others seriously injured in an accident involving a limousine and pickup truck on July 18 in New York. The 55-year-old man behind the wheel of the pickup truck admitted to police that he had consumed beer before driving, and he was subsequently charged with driving while intoxicated. However, toxicology tests performed on blood drawn from the man have raised a number of questions about the fatal accident.

The impact of school bus crashes in Louisiana

According to the NHTSA, a school transportation-related crash is one that involves any vehicle that is being used as a school bus transporting children under 18 to a school or school-related activity. Between 2004 and 2013, there were 1,214 fatal accidents involving school buses, which was less than 1 percent of all fatal crashes involving motor vehicles. However, only 8 percent of those who died were inside the school vehicle at the time of the crash.

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