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Hit-and-run driver with child in car impersonates officer

A New Orleans woman received several criminal charges after fleeing the scene of an accident on Sept. 20. The hit-and-run accident occurred shortly after 6 p.m. when the 49-year-old woman rear-ended a car on Lapalco Boulevard in Terrytown. When the driver of the vehicle that was hit moved out of the travel lane, the woman proceeded to travel westbound without stopping to identify herself.

Boat accident leaves 4 dead

Louisiana residents may be have heard that on Sept. 14, four vehicles collided, leaving four people dead and another 15 people critically injured. Authorities said that another 33 people suffered less serious injuries and that 17 remained hospitalized through the evening. Among the vehicles were a duck boat and a charter bus carrying North Seattle College students. Four of those who died were international students attending the school.

Fog and smoke as a contributor to car crashes

Drivers in Louisiana are often concerned about the possibility of getting into an accident. Not only are accidents dangerous, there is also the risk of financial loss and criminal penalties. In some cases, drivers may claim that certain factors, such as fog or smoke, kept them from seeing the road and driving safely.

Some injuries aren't obvious after a car crash

Many people in Louisiana who have been in a car crash have walked away from an accident thinking that they were fine. Unfortunately, several days later, unpleasant and even potentially disabling symptoms begin to occur. These symptoms may well be related to the accident, but it can be difficult to prove that this is the case because of the time elapsed between the accident and the development of health problems.

GM defects may be involved in previous convictions

As Louisiana drivers may know, General Motors recalled 2.6 million motor vehicles for ignition switch defects in 2014. Some individuals convicted of causing vehicular homicide are appealing their cases, citing the defects. In several cases, the convictions have been overturned. Determining fault in an accident is important to recovering damages. In these cases, fault may lie not with another driver but with a car manufacturer.

Parent sues Louisiana school after child is injured in bus crash

On Aug. 24, it was reported that a Louisiana parent filed a lawsuit against a public school system and others after his child reportedly suffered injuries while riding a school bus. The alleged injuries occurred after the bus and another vehicle crashed in October 2014.

Dealing with an insurance claim for a hit-and-run accident

A hit-and-run accident on a Louisiana road can be stressful as a motorist deals with the immediate aftermath. Automobile insurance questions can add to the stress as a driver wonders about how damages or bodily injury will be covered. Understanding in advance about coverage for such incidents may be helpful, and having a strategy for gathering information about the incident may assist as one attempts to have the damages and costs covered by the appropriate insurers.

Brake inspections to take place during Brake Safety Week

Large commercial trucks in Louisiana pose a serious safety risk when their brakes are not functioning correctly. If brakes are not installed properly or they are in need of maintenance, a truck's stopping distance could be affected. To prevent accidents caused by poorly maintained brakes, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have organized a campaign called Brake Safety Week.

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