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Underage driving and drinking campaign

As Louisiana parents may know, the influence of alcohol on underage drivers causes the highest number of deaths among teens, and almost 50 percent of those deaths are the vehicle drivers. To address this problem, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a campaign, aimed at younger motorists, to raise the awareness of the dangers of driving and drinking.

Truck driver was on the road over 14 hours before fatal crash

A truck driver who was licensed in Louisiana caused a fatal accident on Oct. 1 when he crossed over the center line and struck a pickup truck head on. The accident took place in Concordia Parish while the truck driver was operating a loaded logging truck. Three occupants of the pickup truck were killed, and a fourth sustained serious injuries.

The risks of car accidents due to vehicles running red lights

Motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians in New Orleans have to be cognizant of a great number of factors that could arise when they are out on the road. A problem that should be of primary concern is the possibility of a driver disobeying traffic laws. One particular violation that can result in catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries is the running of red lights. Studies have shown that this is a common cause for accidents.

Risk of vehicle-related death is lower but still exists

Technological advancements in vehicle safety and improvements in structural design have made it safer in recent years to be on the road. Safety technologies such as seat belts and electronic stability control are credited with saving thousands of lives. Nevertheless, in Louisiana and across the U.S., motor vehicle accidents remain a leading cause of death.

Autonomous car technology and liability

Louisiana residents may be aware of the autonomous car technology that is being tested in California, Nevada, Florida and Michigan. Manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Google and Volvo have called for the federal government to increase testing permissions across the country and provide regulations that would allow autonomous car technology to move forward. Even Apple has been rumored to be working on autonomous car technology.

Car accident victim pursues claim against insurer

Louisiana residents that have been injured in a car accident that was caused by an uninsured motorist may be able to file a claim against their own insurer in order to recover compensation for damages. One man did just that after he was involved in a wreck on Nov. 23, 2014.

Impact of the International Roadcheck 2015

A substantial number of people in Louisiana may be affected by inspections made by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in June. The results of the inspection blitz, International Roadcheck 2015, are included in a report that was released on Sept. 28. The three-day event involved surprise roadside inspections for nearly 70,000 trucks and buses. The purpose of the checks was to remind carriers about properly securing loads and enforcing existing regulations. Over 2,430 violations were related to load securement.

No charges against Caitlyn Jenner for fatal car accident

When there is a car accident in Louisiana, people who are in one run the risk of suffering catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. There can be numerous reasons for these crashes to occur including a reckless, distracted or otherwise negligent driver. Motor vehicle accidents sometimes gain widespread publicity because of the motorists involved, as was the case with one that occurred in California in February 2105 with reality television star Caitlyn Jenner driving one of the vehicles.

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