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Determining liability in a Louisiana car crash

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, it is possible for an individual to be liable for a car crash in which he or she was not the driver. One scenario involves loaning a car to someone who is known to be a poor driver or otherwise has a history or poor driving behavior. Both the person who caused the crash and the owner of the car may face legal action under what is called vicarious liability. 

Uninsured motorists and car accidents

As a responsible Louisiana driver, you know that having auto insurance is required. You may be unaware, however, that you might also have to cover incidents that weren't even your fault. Even if someone else is found to be liable for injuring you or causing your property damage, their lack of insurance or insufficient coverage terms could mean you end up having to pay out of pocket for the outcome. 

Louisiana woman files suit after accident with police officer

A woman filed a lawsuit against Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office on June 13 in the 24th Judicial District Court. The woman alleges that a police cruiser hit her Chevrolet Silverado on Jefferson Highway in July 2015. The suit says that her vehicle was in the right lane near Woodlawn Avenue when she was rear-ended in a crash that caused her to be injured. 

2 Louisiana car accident victims sue driver for negligence

On June 3, two people in Louisiana who were injured in a car accident last year filed alawsuit against the driver at fault. The individuals named the driver, the company that owns the car he was driving and three insurance companies as defendants. The two plaintiffs are seeking financial compensation for personal injury, but the exact amount that they are seeking was not reported.

Pros and cons of out-of-court personal injury settlements

A person hurt in a commercial vehicle crash in Louisiana has some options when trying to get compensation from the responsible party. The person could litigate the issue and strive for a positive court ruling. Alternative dispute resolution presents another option. Alternatives such as mediation, arbitration and negotiation offer advantages such as a faster resolution and costs that are lower than a prolonged trial. 

Report ranks U.S. first among wealthy countries for fatal crashes

Louisiana residents may be interested in a recent report about fatal car accident statistics in the United States. On July 6, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the U.S. has more road fatalities than any other high-income nation. Although fatal crashes in the U.S. have been declining since 2000, they haven't matched the declines seen in other wealthy countries. 

Impaired driver crash kills Louisiana police officer

On Sunday, July 3, an officer with the Sterlington Police Department was killed when an impaired driver hit him and his vehicle during a traffic stop. The fatal crash happened before 5 a.m. on Highway 165, and two other officers were injured as well. 

Truck rear-end collision mitigation systems

Louisiana motorists will likely appreciate the new collision mitigation system that helps truck drivers avoid rear-end collisions. ZF and WABCO are two global truck parts suppliers that are developing collision avoidance technology, known as the Evasive Maneuver Assist system. This system improves upon existing braking technology by giving the vehicle the ability to maneuver itself around a stopped truck. 

Obtaining compensation for accident injuries

Louisiana residents who have been injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver may be able to take legal action to claim a variety of damages. Typically, they are allowed to make a claim for medical expenses and, if applicable, lost wages and future earnings. However, there may be additional damages that can be sought. 

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