What role do personal injury attorneys play after car accidents?

Even with advances in technology, car accidents are still prevalent. The  Association for Safe International Road Travel  estimates that nearly 37,000 Americans die each year as a result of vehicle collisions.

Many accidents do not result in fatalities and can be resolved amicably between the drivers and insurance companies. However, occasionally an attorney needs to be brought into the mix to resolve pressing matters. A personal injury attorney can represent a hurt driver in court, but there are many other roles a lawyer can have.

Liaison between insurance agency

After a car accident, both drivers should notify their insurance providers of the collision. Many times, the insurance company will provide an appropriate payout. However, that is not always a guarantee.

If drivers believe they are not getting the most out of their policy, then a lawyer can speak with the organization. Attorneys can examine insurance claims carefully to see if anything was overlooked and try to get drivers the funds they need to recover properly.


Another important action to do after an accident is to find people who saw the crash. The driver’s job is to obtain these people’s contact information so that they can provide testimony in court should the incident get to that point.

Attorneys know precisely what to ask and what other materials to obtain. In addition to gathering testimony, lawyers can also collect medical records, police reports and lost wage information.


At the end of the day, hiring an attorney provides the driver with an advocate. Depending on the extent of the injuries, it can be tough to focus on both recovery and trying to obtain a settlement.

Personal injury attorneys work on behalf of the person who has been hurt as a result of negligence. Lawyers who deal with car accident cases are familiar with the law and can help an injured party negotiate to attempt to get a better settlement.  

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