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What Louisiana drivers should know about a fatal CA bus crash

Louisiana residents may not be aware of a bus accident that occurred on the west coast that turned fatal. Authorities report that a Greyhound bus driver whose vehicle collided with safety barrels on a Northern California highway reported being fatigued before the accident. The bus flipped onto its side, resulting in the deaths of two female passengers and the hospitalization of at least eight other individuals.

Bus accident involving college students

Louisiana drivers should be particularly alert for buses, whether of the school variety or others, as a fatal accident in Pennsylvania involving a Lehigh University bus that was transporting members of the school's rowing teams demonstrates. None of the occupants of the bus were severely injured, but the crash left one person dead and the bus on its roof in the aftermath, as well as students being taken to three area hospitals for treatment and injury evaluation.

Boat accident leaves 4 dead

Louisiana residents may be have heard that on Sept. 14, four vehicles collided, leaving four people dead and another 15 people critically injured. Authorities said that another 33 people suffered less serious injuries and that 17 remained hospitalized through the evening. Among the vehicles were a duck boat and a charter bus carrying North Seattle College students. Four of those who died were international students attending the school.

Parent sues Louisiana school after child is injured in bus crash

On Aug. 24, it was reported that a Louisiana parent filed a lawsuit against a public school system and others after his child reportedly suffered injuries while riding a school bus. The alleged injuries occurred after the bus and another vehicle crashed in October 2014.

2 women killed when bus overturns on curve

Louisiana residents may have heard that a tour bus overturned on Delaware State Route 1 killing two women and sending 47 people to the hospital on Sept. 21. The bus failed to negotiate a curve on the ramp at the Tybouts Corner from southbound Route 1. The passengers were headed back to New York City after sightseeing in Washington, D.C.

Who is liable in the event of a tour bus accident?

If you have been visiting a new place, there is a chance that you will have taken a trip on a tour bus. They can be an excellent way to get a brief view of all the major sites without taking too much time out of your day. Unfortunately, as is the case with any vehicle, tour buses can become involved in accidents. We have already discussed the damage that can be done by a bus crash. These accidents often involve a large number of people, so the cost can be particularly high.

Bus accident leaves woman with severe facial injuries

New Orleans, in large part, is a town that relies on tourism as the engine of its economy. Every year, people flock to the Big Easy to eat Po’ Boys, visit the French Quarter and hear some of the best jazz and blues in the world. Because of this, tour buses are ubiquitous; you see them all over town — the big, red double-deckers that cart the sightseers around town in style. It’s a great way to see a large swath of the city from the comfort of a bus. 

Bus accident leaves 1 dead, 5 injured

Passengers found themselves trapped after the bus they were riding in careened off the road and slammed into a building. According to reports, the bus was headed eastbound when, out of the blue, the driver swerved across the street and rode along the sidewalk for a bit before plowing into the building. The accident caused a portion of the building to collapse. The debris trapped the passengers inside. They attempted to open the door, but seeing that it wouldn’t budge, another passenger opened the emergency window and they were able to escape via that route.

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