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Multiple 18-wheelers crash on I-10 near Baton Rouge

Louisiana traffic accidents that occur in an area with inadequate infrastructure could disrupt an entire region's work and school day, especially if the roadway that is blocked is a major highway. In such an example, the westbound lanes of I-10 at the Mississippi River bridge were shut down for 12 hours after multiple 18-wheelers crashed around 3:00 a.m. on Dec. 8.

The impact of school bus crashes in Louisiana

According to the NHTSA, a school transportation-related crash is one that involves any vehicle that is being used as a school bus transporting children under 18 to a school or school-related activity. Between 2004 and 2013, there were 1,214 fatal accidents involving school buses, which was less than 1 percent of all fatal crashes involving motor vehicles. However, only 8 percent of those who died were inside the school vehicle at the time of the crash.

Regulations targeting commercial drivers

Commercial drivers in Louisiana are subject to federal laws that limit the number of hours they can work. These laws apply to people who drive trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Other covered drivers include people who are paid to drive others, such as taxi-drivers or bus drivers. Still other covered drivers are those who transport 16 or more people. The purpose of these laws is to protect both those being transported and others on the highways from an increased risk of injury.

Multiple victims in double-decker bus crash

So many commuters use trains and buses in Louisiana and throughout the United States that accidents are almost inevitable. Commercial vehicle accidents can occur anytime, either as a result of negligence, poor weather conditions, malfunctions or any number of other factors. Sometimes the accident is completely beyond the vehicle's control. But whatever the case, the results are often widespread and devastating.

Woman pinned by taxi suffers multiple injuries

Riding in a taxi in New Orleans, as with almost any major city, can be a risk. Your driver could be tired, distracted or even inebriated and you have no control. There are regulations for cab drivers, but taxi accidents happen more often than you might think. In truth, you don’t even need to be riding in the taxi to be the victim of one, as a recent news story proved.

Taxi crash leaves passenger in critical condition

When you’re visiting another city and use a taxi, you normally take for granted that the driver is safe and will follow the rules of the road. After all that’s how they make a living. But sometimes, in an effort to hurry or just out of pure negligence, drivers cut corners or try to flout the rules and accidents happen. While there are regulations governing cab drivers, there’s no guarantee that your driver isn’t fatigued or under the influence of a substance.

Delivery truck accident kills 20-year-old bicyclist

When we discuss trucking accidents, the majority of the time it’s about tractor-trailers and semis colliding with cars. But there are other trucks on the road that can cause a potential hazard for passenger cars, pedestrians and bicyclists: delivery trucks. They are usually tasked with navigating tight city streets and have a duty to practice safe driving procedures at all times. When they don’t, their sheer size can do catastrophic damage.

Commercial vehicle accident lands 4 in hospital

Commercial vehicles like company box trucks, rental vans and delivery trucks pack a powerful punch. So, when they are involved in an accident with a passenger car, the results are usually devastating. Because of this, delivery truck drivers have a special duty to drive carefully, remain alert at all times and follow traffic laws fastidiously.

Fiery FedEx collision draws national attention

The readers of our New Orleans motor vehicle accidents law blog don't have to know the individuals involved in an accident that occurred Thursday, April 10, for their hearts to go out to victims and their families. News sources reported that late in the afternoon, a large FedEx company truck crossed through the median on a freeway in California, striking a school bus filled with students.

Jefferson Parish officers respond to fatal box truck crash

Late this past weekend, a serious accident took the life of a motorcycle rider in Marrero. It was early in the evening when the crash occurred on Saturday. Details were limited in the Bayou Buzz report, but what was clear is that it involved a box truck and the motorcycle, and the truck driver wasn’t on scene when deputies arrived.

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