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Truck driver blamed for April 2014 accident that killed 10

Louisiana residents may have read media reports about an accident involving a truck and bus that claimed the lives of 10 people and injured 39 others in April 2014. The accident occurred on a rural stretch of Interstate 5 in California. Five of those killed were high school students from Los Angeles who were on a college recruitment trip.

Drivers need to proceed with caution around semis

All motor vehicle accidents carry the potential for causing harm to the people involved, but a collision involving a commercial truck tends to pose more danger. When cars and commercial trucks share a Louisiana roadway, all drivers need to remain aware of how the truck's size can impact its acceleration, ability to brake and the driver's view of the other vehicles.

Fatal truck accident involving school bus

Louisiana residents might be interested to learn about a fatal multi-vehicle crash involving a large box truck and a school bus that took place on March 5. The accident happened along a rural highway in Washington, just outside the town of Orondo. According to a preliminary investigation, Washington State Patrol troopers think that the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Rising number of deaths shows dangers of large truck accidents

Among fatal auto accidents in Louisiana in 2012, large trucks accounted for 10.7 percent of the vehicles involved in them. This is a little above the average rate of large truck involvement, which is 8.3 percent nationwide. Concerns about the dangers posed by big rigs and delivery trucks have been validated with data collected across the United States.

Louisiana drivers at risk in big truck crashes

According to data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10.7 percent of accidents in Louisiana involved a semi-truck in 2012. Nationally, approximately 333,000 semi-trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds were involved in wrecks that same year.

Accident on a Louisiana highway involving garbage truck kills 1

An accident involving a garbage truck killed one person on Sept. 6 in West Baton Parish. The Louisiana State Police are investigating the crash that occurred around 6:30 a.m. in Port Allen on LA Hwy 415. The authorities do not believe alcohol played a role in the crash, but samples were taken from both drivers so the LSP Crime Lab could run toxicology tests.

Truck accident kills 4, injures 4 others

Summer is a time when American families hit the roads in droves. The children are out of school, you’ve got some time off work and you’ve saved up the money to treat yourself and your family to a fun vacation. But part of that road-tripping can involve dealing with the tractor-trailers that crisscross the nation’s highways and roads all year round.

Trucker dies in multivehicle accident in Louisiana

With so many vehicles on the roads, accidents are, sadly, not an uncommon sight. Regardless of the type and number of vehicles involved, traffic accidents can often be devastating, resulting in serious injuries or even death for those involved. Trucks are no exception to this rule and, in fact, often become embroiled in large scale accidents, especially if they are towing a heavy or volatile load.

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