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Truck jackknifes, snares traffic on Bonnet Carre Spillway

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

For a number of New Orleans residents traveling to work in the early morning hours on Tuesday, April 1, their day didn’t start off in the best way possible. A truck accident stalled traffic on the Bonnet Carre Spillway during rush hour and injured some of those involved.

The Louisiana State Police investigated the accident, and Trooper Melissa Matey reported that there were four vehicles total involved in the entire incident. One of these vehicles was a large 18-wheeler that had jackknifed, an action in which a trailer twists in the opposite direction of the cab. Trooper Matey noted that the driver of the truck lost control of the vehicle when the driver attempted to avoid an accident that had already occurred.

The driver slowed the vehicle down and was able to swerve, but this action caused the vehicle to turn sideways and block traffic in the westbound direction of Interstate 310. It is unclear how many may have been involved in the initial collision or the subsequent one involving the truck.

Thankfully, in this case it appeared as though a few days were ruined by minor injuries, a traffic jam or property damage when they could have been much worse.

Whether the injuries threaten the life of the individual that suffered them or fall on the level of broken bones, a collision involving a truck that has been improperly loaded, a driver that didn’t get sufficient sleep, a poorly maintained vehicle or simply a negligent maneuver could become the basis of a personal injury lawsuit.

A truck driver may not even be the only one that could be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit. An accident report will often include details about exactly how an accident occurs, but this doesn’t necessarily define who should be named in the complaint.

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