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Louisiana man will be retried in fatal 2012 hit-and-run

On Behalf of | May 18, 2014 | Hit-and-Run Accidents |

A Baton Rouge jury was unable to come to a consensus May 9 in the trial of an alleged hit-and-run offender who killed a 54-year-old woman.

The hit-and-run accident happened in September 2012 in Baton Rouge when a man, driving in the southbound lane in a 1999 Mazda, hit a bicyclist’s back tire, sending her flying into the northbound lane of the road, where she was then hit by a 2006 Lexus SUV.

The woman was not wearing any reflective gear and did not have a helmet. The driver of the Mazda claims that the woman hit him. 

Source:, “Mistrial declared in hit-and-run death of bicyclist,” Joe Gyan Jr., May 9, 2014

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