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Louisiana man killed in car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Cars have become such a part of our everyday lives that it’s nearly impossible to imagine living without them. We jump in them for a quick trip to the store. We settle in to them for a long road trip. We use them to get to and from work almost every day. Because we use them so much, it’s easy to forget how dangerous driving on Louisiana’s roads and highways can be. Whether we like to face the reality or not, car accidents happen all the time in the Pelican State. 

Even if you are the world’s safest driver — always paying attention to the road, following every traffic sign and keeping to the speed limit — there’s no accounting for the other drivers out there. Many are driving while texting, writing an email or posting to a social media site. Others are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Still others are driving while fatigued, increasing the risk of falling asleep at the wheel and damaging property and lives in the process.

Pending a full investigation, there’s no word on whether alcohol, distracted driving or fatigue played a role in a recent accident that took the life of a Louisiana man. Reports indicate that he drifted into an oncoming lane and slammed head-on into a truck. He was killed and the driver of the truck had to be transported to a hospital for treatment.

You also can’t discount the possibility of a mechanical error in the car that caused the driver to lose control.

With so many complicated factors, it can be difficult to tell who is negligent in a car crash. A Louisiana attorney, though, can look at your individual case and may be able to get you compensation.

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