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Louisiana deputy hospitalized following accident

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2014 | Car Accidents |

The New Orleans Police Department led an investigation into an Aug. 16 collision involving two vehicles that injured a Motorcycle Deputy with the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office. The deputy was transported to an area hospital, and his condition was not reported as of that night.

According to authorities with the NOPD, the deputy had finished an escort assignment and was traveling along Earhart Boulevard on a marked motorcycle shortly after noon. He was crossing the intersection with Leonidas Street when a truck on Leonidas collided with the bike.

The driver of the truck was uninjured, according to the Sheriff’s Office. No information was provided regarding what factors may have contributed to the crash. At the time of the report, authorities were waiting to consult with the District Attorney’s Office regarding criminal charges against the driver of the truck.

Some of the injuries that a person can suffer in a motorcycle accident could have especially disastrous implications for members of the law enforcement community. For instance, partial or complete paralysis from a spinal cord injury could leave a person physically incapable of defending himself or others when faced with a dangerous offender. In other cases, traumatic brain injuries could cause drastic, involuntary personality changes that may render officers or deputies psychologically unfit to perform their civic duties safely.

An individual whose professional life is significantly impeded due to injuries from a motor vehicle accident of any sort may have a valid claim for a settlement in a personal injury action. Crash scene investigators’ reports, traffic camera footage and toxicology screenings are some of the sources of evidence an attorney may use in effectively attributing liability to a defendant.

Source: WWLTV, “OPSO: motorcycle deputy injured in crash”, August 16, 2014

Source: WWLTV, “OPSO: motorcycle deputy injured in crash”, August 16, 2014