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State of Louisiana named in trucker’s lawsuit

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

A Franklin trucker who suffered injuries in a 2103 crash on Louisiana 308 recently filed a lawsuit in Lafourche Parish District Court. The suit names as defendants the state of Louisiana, Lafourche Parish as well as a Mississippi motorist.

According to the Franklin trucker’s suit, which was filed on Sept. 2, a malfunctioning traffic light was one of the factors that led to the 2013 accident. The suit claims that the traffic signal cycled through its colors without any delay between them. The suit accuses the parish and the state of installing a faulty traffic signal and failing to notify drivers that it was not working properly.

According to the lawsuit, the Franklin trucker was struck at the Lafourche Parish intersection of Louisiana 308 and Louisiana 182 by a Chevy Silverado that had been speeding and that had run a red light. The suit purports that the Mississippi man driving the Silverado was not driving carefully and failed to maintain control of his vehicle.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for damages in connection with the injuries the trucker purportedly suffered in the accident. According to the lawsuit, injuries to his lower back and legs have prevented him from returning to work and earning a livelihood. Moreover, the Franklin trucker is seeking compensation for mental anguish, physical pain and a ‘loss of enjoyment of life’s pleasures” stemming from the accident.

A truck accident can inflict widespread damage and result in serious injuries among the people involved. Due to the size and weight of semi-trucks, the force generated during a collision with other vehicles can be immense and violent. As this particular case illustrates, people who suffer injuries as a result of truck accidents may experience many adverse effects on their lives and, consequently, pursue civil remedies if they believe that the accident was caused by other parties’ actionable behavior, such as negligence.

Source: Houma Today, “Trucker sues over accident on La. 308“, Jacob Batte, September 05, 2014

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