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Tractor with no lights may have caused highway truck crash

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2014 | Hit-and-Run Accidents |

Louisiana State Police say two 18-wheelers crashed into each other on Oct. 1 allegedly due to a farm tractor that was on the road with no headlights. Authorities have not yet located the farm tractor and its driver, leading them to suspect that the negligent party fled the scene of an accident.

The truck accident occurred at about 7:45 p.m. near the border of Mississippi in East Feliciana Parish. According to reports from a preliminary investigation, one truck was being driven north along LA 67 by a 33-year-old man while a logging truck driven by a 40-year-old man was traveling the opposite way. The two trucks collided with each other north of LA 422 after both drivers attempted to avoid hitting a farm tractor that was sitting in the middle of the road with no lights on.

Following the crash, the older man was transported to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center for treatment of moderate injuries. The other truck driver was apparently uninjured in the accident. Both of the trucks that were involved sustained damage, and the area of road where the accident occurred had to be shut down while crews cleared logs and diesel fuel from the highway.

A person who is injured in an accident may not be immediately aware of which driver was at fault. While the investigation is ongoing, the injured party may wish to begin speaking with an attorney about what steps to take in order to pursue compensation. When the at-fault driver is identified, an attorney may be able to help the injured car accident victim file a personal injury claim.

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