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Louisiana head-on crash causes injuries to 4

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Three passengers in one vehicle and the driver of another were injured in a head-on collision on Dec. 27. It was not immediately known whether alcohol contributed to the crash, according to authorities. The accident closed a large section of Wax Road for approximately two hours.

State police say the accident happened at around 4:30 p.m. on Wax Road when a westbound Honda CRV crossed over into eastbound traffic near Sullivan Drive and collided head-on with a Jeep. The driver of the Honda CRV and three Jeep passengers were transported to a hospital with injuries categorized as moderate to serious.

Drivers and passengers who are involved in head-on collision car accidents often suffer injuries that can leave them temporarily disabled, and in some catastrophic crashes, permanently so. Head, brain and spinal cord injuries are common in head-on collisions where the occupant of the vehicles involved may have little or no time to brace for the blunt force of the impact. The effects of these traumatic injuries is often the loss of ambulatory and cognitive abilities, which, if long-term, could have a significant negative impact on the injured survivor’s finances.

In addition to the emergency and medical care provided after the crash, survivors may also require extensive rehabilitation therapy. Some who suffer permanent disabilities may require life care assistance on a full-time basis. There may be legitimate worries over how the increased cost of living will be financed, particularly when accident victims are not able to return to work for a period of time or at all.

Injured accident survivors may benefit from pursuing a personal injury claim when the accident was caused by a negligent or reckless driver. By seeking reimbursement for losses suffered in the crash from the liable driver or their insurance company, recovery of medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages may be available.

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