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Preventative measures for common car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Louisiana residents may never be able to predict if and when they may be involved in a car accident. Even with careful driving and attention, it is impossible to control the actions of other drivers whose negligence may result in an accident. Understanding the most common injuries people sustain in motor vehicle accidents and then taking simple steps to minimize the risk of suffering them is an important task for anyone who drives or rides in a motor vehicle.

The most common injuries that occur in car accidents include brain injuries, injuries to the head and face, extremities injuries, spinal or back injuries and neck injuries. Making certain that the available head rest is properly positioned for the person who will be sitting in the seat each time is important. A properly positioned head rest can prevent the head and neck from extending too far back in the event the car is hit.

The importance of the use of seat belts may not be stressed enough. By always using safety restraints, people can reduce their risk of being thrown about the vehicle, possibly injuring their faces, heads and other body parts. Being held in place can also minimize the risk of back injuries as well. People should try to also train themselves to protect their face and head with the arms to reduce the likelihood of suffering injury to them. Planting both feet on the floor with the legs in the correct position can help prevent extremities injuries. Finally, choosing a car with side-impact and front-impact airbags can lessen the likelihood of a brain injury.

Although the safety steps may seem obvious, many people do not use them. Even with careful planning and taking precautions, serious personal injuries in car accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Victims may be able to recover damages through filing personal injury lawsuits.

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