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Married couple dies in motorcycle wreck

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Louisiana State Police confirmed that a married couple died in a motorcycle crash that occurred on March 15. The deceased victims were from Texas, and they were both 59 years old. According to initial reports about the crash, the couple was ejected from their motorcycle after a car driver cut them off while driving on Highway 121.

The fatal motorcycle crash took place while the victims were riding their motorcycle in Hineston. The man was operating the motorcycle while his wife was a passenger. At about 12:30 p.m., a 62-year-old man driving a passenger car tried to turn left in front of the couple’s motorcycle so that he could enter a store parking lot. Although the motorcycle driver made an attempt to brake, he was unable to avoid hitting the car.

Both of the victims were wearing helmets, but they were pronounced dead after being transported to a hospital in Alexandria. The car driver did not sustain any injuries in the crash, but he was cited for making an improper turn. There were no reports to indicate what factors might have led to the man’s driving mistake.

The family of someone who was killed in a car or motorcycle crash is entitled to claim financial compensation from the driver at fault. Whether the accident was the result of a driver’s impairment, distraction or exhaustion, the driver may be held accountable for the injuries or deaths that their actions caused. An attorney may be able to help the family of a deceased accident victim to determine an appropriate award for damages and pursue compensation from the responsible party by filing a wrongful death claim.

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