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Drivers need to proceed with caution around semis

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

All motor vehicle accidents carry the potential for causing harm to the people involved, but a collision involving a commercial truck tends to pose more danger. When cars and commercial trucks share a Louisiana roadway, all drivers need to remain aware of how the truck’s size can impact its acceleration, ability to brake and the driver’s view of the other vehicles.

Many truck accidents occur when the driver of a passenger car fails to consider a large truck’s response time necessary for speeding up or stopping. Unsafe lane changes or traffic merges may not leave truck drivers with adequate time to manage the truck’s speed, thereby increasing the risk of an accident. Similarly, passenger vehicles making a left-hand turn at an intersection in front of an oncoming truck need to ascertain if there is enough time to execute the turn before the truck reaches the intersection. Misjudging the truck’s speed at that point could have a harmful outcome. A truck driver’s view of the roadway differs from that of a driver of a passenger car. In fact, certain areas around a semi-truck are known as ‘no-zones,” namely the rear and sides of the truck. Passenger cars are advised to avoid these areas in order to maximize visibility for the truck driver.

Safe driving is not the sole responsibility of automobile drivers, however. The truck driver also plays a role. In fact, regulations are in place that define precautionary measures drivers have to take in order to maximize safety, such as reducing the risk of driving while fatigued.

A person who has been injured in a truck accident will likely incur significant medical and other expenses as a result. A lawyer could determine if the accident resulted from someone’s negligence and prepare a claim seeking the recovery of appropriate damages.