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Appeals court drops charges in fatal car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Car Accidents |

On Aug. 4, it was reported that a Louisiana woman was found not responsible for a car accident that was caused by her husband. According to the report, a state appeals court upheld a ruling that dismissed civil charges associated with the death of a veterinarian in 2011.

The accident occurred when the veterinarian was driving on La. 1 just north of Raceland in a truck that was transporting animals. He was reportedly rear-ended by a man who was driving a sedan. The impact of the collision caused the truck to enter into the oncoming lane, where it was hit by another vehicle. The veterinarian died at the accident scene.

Authorities claimed that the man was under the influence of drugs when the accident happened. He was ultimately sentenced to 30 years in prison on a vehicular homicide charge; however, it was found the his wife had actually lent him the vehicle. The parents of the deceased veterinarian argued that the man was not allowed to drive due to prior convictions, but his wife lent him the vehicle anyway. The wife argued that there was no evidence that she gave him permission to take the car.

When a person is killed in a motor vehicle crash, there is a possibility that the accident was caused by another driver’s actions. If that is the case, the family of the deceased person can potentially file a wrongful death claim against that person. Evidence that may assist them with the case might include police reports, the results of blood tests and witness testimony. Depending on the circumstances, the family may seek compensation for certain damages that resulted from the death, including lost income and lost companionship.

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