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Fog and smoke as a contributor to car crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in Louisiana are often concerned about the possibility of getting into an accident. Not only are accidents dangerous, there is also the risk of financial loss and criminal penalties. In some cases, drivers may claim that certain factors, such as fog or smoke, kept them from seeing the road and driving safely.

In 2014, the AAA Foundation issued a report on driving in fog, pointing out that this type of weather condition is a risk factor which is often ignored. It can make it difficult for drivers and pedestrians alike to see the road, oncoming traffic and individuals on foot or bicycle. Fog is also a contributing cause to many multi-vehicle collisions, because in such conditions sometimes even careful drivers may have difficulties navigating where they are going.

The result is a higher increase in accidents, particularly in situations where law enforcement is unable to close roads in a timely fashion. Some analysts are making recommendations regarding law enforcement and government policy on road safety during fog or excessive amounts of smoke. In addition, vehicle operators may be able to learn safer driving techniques that can reduce the risk of accidents when vision is obstructed by natural factors.

Although some car crashes that occur in sudden fog or other inclement weather conditions are unavoidable, others are caused by driver negligence. Motorists have a duty of care to others who are sharing the road with them, and during periods of fog, following a vehicle too closely or maintaining an excessive rate of speed may constitute a breach of that duty. A personal injury attorney might be of assistance to a person who has been injured in such an accident by reviewing the police investigation report and other evidence in order to determine responsibility.

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