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Parent sues Louisiana school after child is injured in bus crash

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Bus Accidents |

On Aug. 24, it was reported that a Louisiana parent filed a lawsuit against a public school system and others after his child reportedly suffered injuries while riding a school bus. The alleged injuries occurred after the bus and another vehicle crashed in October 2014.

In the lawsuit, the parent stated that his son was riding on a bus that was working for the Parish Public School System when the driver struck another vehicle. It appeared that the local sheriff’s office filed a report regarding the incident but it was not determined who was responsible for causing the crash.

The child reportedly suffered numerous injuries to his head, back and neck, though the severity of those injuries were not reported. In addition to the school system, the parent named the company that owned the bus and the driver as defendants. Ultimately, the parent accused the numerous defendants of negligence and was seeking an unreported amount in damages for physical pain, emotional distress and mental anguish.

Those who become involved in a motor vehicle accident, no matter how serious, are at risk for suffering injuries that could include a brain injury, spinal cord injury or even damage to internal organs. If the injuries are severe enough, they could prevent a person from being able to work or a child from being able to go to school for a lengthy period of time. An attorney can potentially provide evidence that indicates that a driver who was involved in the incident was negligent and is therefore responsible for the injuries that were suffered. This may allow the injured person to seek compensation for certain damages.

Source: Louisiana Record, “Parent sues over child’s alleged injuries in school bus accident,” Kyle Barnett, Aug. 24, 2015

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