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Underage driving and drinking campaign

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2015 | Car Accidents |

As Louisiana parents may know, the influence of alcohol on underage drivers causes the highest number of deaths among teens, and almost 50 percent of those deaths are the vehicle drivers. To address this problem, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a campaign, aimed at younger motorists, to raise the awareness of the dangers of driving and drinking.

According to the NHTSA, approximately 25 percent of teens in fatal crashes show alcohol present in their bodies, despite the fact that the minimum drinking age in all 50 states is 21. As a part of the anti-driving and drinking campaign being assisted by the Ad Council, ads on Tumblr lead teens to a website to learn about ways to avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol and the potential consequence of their actions. This website also has an excuse generator that may help teens prevent friends from driving after drinking. Scheduled to launch on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook, the aim is to teach young people about the dangers of drinking and driving in order to save lives.

The NHTSA has focused on reducing traffic injuries and deaths by educating drivers about the hazards of distracted driving, impaired driving and vehicle safety, among other areas. In addition, the NHTSA investigates manufacturer defects in motor vehicles with regard to safety and regulates safety standards to protect lives

.An individual who has been injured in a car crash caused by a drunk driver may face a long recuperative period as well as medical expenses and lost time from work. A personal injury attorney can often assist such an injured victim in seeking compensation from the impaired motorist.