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Louisiana high on list of country’s worst drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Commuters in Louisiana who complain about all of the bad drivers on the road are actually onto something. Louisiana does have some of the nation’s worst drivers, according to a study by Using National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, the car insurance website ranked the 10 states with the worst drivers. Louisiana came in at No. 5 overall, and No. 1 for failure to obey traffic laws.

The driving study used five different categories to assess ‘bad driving” in each state. Analysts looked at fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, the percentage of fatal crashes that involved traffic law violations, fatal car accidents involving drunk drivers, fatal car accidents involving speeding and the number of pedestrians and bicyclists that were killed per 100,000 people.

Using these five criteria, analysts determined that the worst drivers can be found in the state of Montana. Montana’s drivers were found to be the worst overall, and they also ranked No. 1 in the fatalities per 100 million miles traveled category. The second place spot was a tie between drivers in New Mexico and South Carolina followed by Texas drivers. North Dakota ranked No. 1 in the category for fatal drunk driving accidents.

When a driver’s negligent actions are clearly responsible for causing an accident, victims of the accident can file personal injury lawsuits against the at-fault driver. A lawyer may be able to help an accident victim to determine which driver is liable for their accident and pursue compensation. Car crash victims typically seek financial reimbursement for their medical expenses, loss of income and car repairs.

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