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Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail involved in accident

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Few things make Louisiana motorists more uncomfortable on an undivided road than the knowledge that an oncoming vehicle could cross into their path at any moment. This scenario is concerning for drivers because they know that sudden lane changes will rarely give them sufficient time to collect their thoughts and take the steps necessary to avoid a crash. Police have reported that a head-on collision in New Hampshire on Dec. 29 left a 45-year-old man dead and six other road users injured.

According to New Hampshire police, the car accident took place at about 7:00 p.m. on Route 16 near Wakefield. Police say that the driver of a Mercury Sable may have been attempting a passing maneuver when it crossed into the path of oncoming traffic and struck a Ford sedan head-on. That car contained four Secret Service agents who were in the state as part of the protection detail assigned to Hillary Clinton.

Emergency medical services personnel at the scene pronounced the driver of the Mercury dead and transported his two passengers to a nearby hospital along with the four agents. A Secret Service representative said that the agents had all suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. Media reports indicate that the deceased driver had experienced drug problems in the past, and police say that that toxicology tests have been ordered.

Accident investigators often discover that impairment, fatigue or intoxication played a part in head-on collisions. When the driver responsible for causing an accident is killed, a personal injury attorney may initiate litigation against their estate or insurance company on behalf of those who have suffered injury, loss or damage. Serious auto accident injuries can be life-changing, and lawsuits brought on their behalf could seek compensation for lost income in addition to medical expenses and other costs.

Source: NBC News, Secret Service Agents Hurt in Fatal New Hampshire Crash Were Part of Clinton Detail, Erik Ortiz and Kristen Welker, Dec. 30, 2015

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