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Van accident claims life of campaign staffer

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Louisiana residents who support presidential hopeful Ben Carson may be interested in knowing more about an accident that claimed the life of one of his staffers on Jan. 19. According to media sources, the 25-year-old man has succumbed to injuries that he suffered when the van in which he was traveling was broadsided by another vehicle near Atlantic, Iowa. Sources indicate that icy conditions may have been a factor in the fatal incident.

Carson’s campaign said that three student volunteers who were also in the van when the deadly collision occurred were taken to Cass County Memorial Hospital, where they were subsequently examined and released. The staffer, however, was transported to Nebraska Medical Center’s trauma center in critical condition and passed away. According to the campaign, he was attended by a neurosurgeon while at the trauma center.

The incident occurred on Interstate 80 at approximately 9:45 a.m. Carson, who was campaigning in South Carolina at the time, told news sources in Charleston that the van hit an icy patch of road and flipped onto its side before being hit by another vehicle. According to Iowa State Police, the van was attempting to change lanes when its driver lost control of the vehicle, which traveled through the median and was broadsided by what appears to have been an oncoming Chevrolet Avalanche.

Louisiana residents who lose a family member in a similar manner following a serious car crash may find themselves overwhelmed by financial loss. Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed, surviving family members may find it beneficial to speak to a personal injury lawyer regarding the pursuit of financial compensation in civil court for the total extent of the loss.

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