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The issue of distracted driving in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Distracted driving has become an increasing issue in the last few years. Along with standard distractions, like changing the radio station or checking on kids in the back seat, many vehicles come equipped with a variety of technologies that are distracting, such as GPS features. Additionally, many drivers are paying attention to their phone instead of the road.

The issue is made even worse by the fact that many individuals believe that automotive manufacturers would not put these electronic devices in vehicles unless if people shouldn’t use them while driving. According to polling, 53 percent of people believe that infotainment dashboards and similar products are safe.

As a result of reduced attention to the road, thousands of people have died in car crashes. It is hard to pin down exactly how many accidents are caused by driver distraction because there is no conclusive way to test for it, unlike a breath or roadside test for drinking. Although texting while driving is against the law in most states, many states still allow the use of hand’s-free calls, and they can pose as much of a distraction as looking at the smartphone screen. Reaching down for coffee that is in the cup holder or unwrapping a sandwich can be just as problematic.

Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents, and in fact the National Safety Council has proclaimed April to be Distracted Driving Awareness Month. People who have been injured in a collision caused by such a driver may want to have legal assistance in seeking compensation from the negligent party for medical expenses and other damages.

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