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DJ Calvin Harris in car accident

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Louisiana fans of Scottish disc jockey Calvin Harris or of his girlfriend, singer Taylor Swift, may have heard about the car accident Harris was in May 20. The 32-year-old was hit by a minor who lost control of her Volkswagen Bug on a California road.

According to reports, a passenger in the girl’s car was ejected after the Bug ran into the carriage of the SUV that Harris was in, and she broke her pelvis. Photos show that the SUV’s front left side was almost entirely ripped off in the accident.

Harris was treated for facial lacerations, but he was cleared for release from the hospital shortly afterward. He also canceled two of his shows after the accident.

A person who is in a car crash may suffer a range of injuries, and even less serious injuries can be costly and result in time missed from work for recovery as in this case. A person might also sustain injuries that are catastrophic and life changing. When this happens, the person might want to consult an attorney who may be able to negotiate with the insurance company or who might file a lawsuit against the driver responsible. A driver may be held responsible in a civil sense even if their negligence does not rise to the level of a criminal offense, and if the driver is charged with a criminal offense but he or she is not convicted, a civil suit might still be successful. The burden of proof in a civil suit rests on a preponderance of evidence rather than proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt.

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