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Louisiana woman files suit after accident with police officer

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2016 | Uncategorized |

A woman filed a lawsuit against Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office on June 13 in the 24th Judicial District Court. The woman alleges that a police cruiser hit her Chevrolet Silverado on Jefferson Highway in July 2015. The suit says that her vehicle was in the right lane near Woodlawn Avenue when she was rear-ended in a crash that caused her to be injured. 

In addition to the police department, the officer operating the 2010 Crown Victoria thatcaused the accident was named in the lawsuit. The suit claims that he acted in a negligent manner, was traveling at an excessive speed and failed to change lanes in a safe manner. Additionally, the suit claims that he acted in a careless manner and failed to pay attention to what was ahead of him. The woman is seeking damages that were not specified in the lawsuit.

Those who are injured in a car crash may suffer injuries that require months or years to recover from. It may be necessary to use a wheelchair to get around, modify a vehicle for use after an injury or spend time in physical therapy. That is in addition to time spent in a hospital or a doctor’s office immediately after the crash occurs.

Talking to an attorney may be the first step in obtaining compensation for medical bills and other costs related to a car accident. For instance, it may be possible to obtain compensation to make up for lost wages or lost future earnings if an injured victim is unable to return to work. Those struck by a government or corporate vehicle may also be able to name the agency or employer as a defendant.

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