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Factors evaluated during a truck accident investigation

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2016 | Uncategorized |

On the roads in Louisiana, passenger cars and large commercial vehicles operate side by side. A crash between a big rig and a smaller passenger vehicle could result in severe injuries or death. Accidents like these sometimes trigger personal injury lawsuits, and when accident investigators are searching for evidence of negligence, they may evaluate issues specific to the trucking industry. 

For example, regulations require drivers of commercial vehicles to undergo special training and licensing. State laws and legal precedents govern these requirements. Investigators would check the licensing status of a truck driver involved in an accident. Rules about how many hours of service a truck driver can work without a break could become another factor in a legal case.

Other potential areas of negligence could arise if a truck is moving a load that exceeds legal weight limits. An investigator should seek to determine the weight of a truck’s cargo at the time of an accident and find documentation about its last weight inspection. Regulations also seek to maintain the quality of truck and truck-part manufacturing. Product defects that lead to an accident could place liability upon a manufacturer.

A person injured in a truck accident might choose to have an attorney evaluate the facts of an accident. An attorney might engage an independent accident specialist to conduct an investigation. Once information has been gathered, an attorney could identify the one or more parties that might be held responsible for the accident. A lawsuit naming defendants such as the driver or trucking company could be prepared by the attorney. The accident victim might also gain advice from an attorney about what types of damages can be pursued. Generally, a person might ask to be compensated for medical bills, rehabilitation services, lost income and pain and suffering.

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