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Louisiana drivers and the message of Safe Driver Week

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

Drivers across the United States may soon experience heightened traffic safety procedures. From traffic enforcement to education campaigns, the program is geared toward combating unsafe driving behavior and reducing the rate of accidents. This initiative is part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration’s Operation Safe Driver Week, which lasts from October 16 to October 22.

CMV and passenger-vehicle drivers exhibiting unsafe behaviors are the leading cause of accidents on the road. A study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration determined that driver behavior was responsible for more than 88 percent of accidents involving large trucks and 93 percent of passenger vehicle accidents. The Operation Safe Driver program was created to reduce the number of fatal accidents caused by large trucks, cars and buses with drivers engaged in unsafe behavior.

Unsafe driver behaviors will be tracked by law enforcement throughout Operation Safe Driver Week. Distracted driving, failure to wear a seat belt, driving too close to another vehicle, improper lane changes and disobeying traffic control devices will all be evaluated and tracked during this week. The goal of this campaign is to improve driver behavior and address motorists who exhibit these high-risk driving habits.

From a fatal tractor trailer accident to a truck accident that results in long-term medical complications, distracted drivers can cause all types of damaging accidents. A lawyer may be able to assist an injured victim through the process of filing a lawsuit and establishing a case against the at-fault driver. Victims may be able to receive compensation for medical expenses, long-term care costs, emotional damages and more.

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