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5 ways to safely share the road with truckers

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2017 | Uncategorized |

No matter if you are on the freeway, just picking the kids up from school down the street or on a two-lane highway in a low-traffic area, the fact is you must share the road with other drivers. In a perfect world, everyone would drive defensively and be completely aware of others, but it does not always work that way. If you are driving a smaller car, driving next to big trucks can be particularly daunting. If a trucker is not doing his part to drive safely and you want to arrive at your destination unscathed, use the following tips.

1. Stay out of blind spots

Passenger vehicles are more likely to hit large trucks because of poor visibility than the other way around. Blind spots are dangerous for every vehicle, but particularly for large trucks. Never drive in a truck’s blind spot, and move quickly when you are passing the truck. If the driver cannot see you in his mirrors, then you are in his blind spot.

2. Allow for space between the truck and the curb when turning

Drivers of big trucks may swing wide when they are turning right to avoid hitting the curb. If you speed up and try to turn in that space, you could end up in an accident or trapped between the curb and the truck. If a truck is making a right turn and swinging right, stay behind it and give it space to make the turn safely.

3. Realize that trucks brake differently

It is harder for a truck to stop quickly than it is for a vehicle. This means that if you cut a truck off or stop quickly in front of it, the force of the truck makes it harder for it to stop before hitting you. Always give trucks enough space to stop or slow down when passing or slowing down in front of them.

4. Give trucks leeway when driving up hills

Many drivers get frustrated when they are stuck behind a big truck going up a hill on a two-lane road when there is no option to pass. Remember that it is normal for trucks to fluctuate speed going up and down big hills. If you need to pass the truck, only do it when there is a safe passing lane for you to do so.

5. Protect yourself after an accident

If you have done your best and were still injured in an accident with a trucker who was being negligent or not paying attention, you must make sure you are taken care of appropriately. After an accident with a trucker, it is a good idea to contact an attorney immediately.

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