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The biggest mistakes you can make after a car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Blog |

Reducing the number of traffic-related fatalities is a primary mission for Louisiana law enforcement. In 2016 alone, 757 died on Louisiana roadways. 

If you become involved in a traffic collision, no matter how severe it may be, you need to contact your local law enforcement and get in touch with your auto insurance provider as soon as possible. One mistake could negatively impact your claim. 

Saying “I’m fine”

You do not want to say you feel all right to the other driver or your insurance agent. They could use that innocuous statement against you later down the line to say you exaggerated any injuries you came down with. Never underestimate your injuries. All you need to say is that you want to see a doctor. 

Giving your insurance agency more information than necessary

You definitely need to contact your insurance provider soon after the accident. However, all you need to say is that an accident occurred and that you want to see a doctor. Saying anything else could imply you were partially at-fault. Stick to just the basics. 

Failing to collect evidence

Immediately after the accident, you want to take pictures of both vehicles. You also want to reach out to any people in the vicinity who saw the accident take place. You do not have to get a full statement right that second, but you should get eyewitnesses’ contact information in case you need to reach out later. 

Taking a quick settlement

To wrap up the incident quickly, your insurance company may try to offer you a quick settlement. Many people feel tempted to take it just to put this case behind them. However, many times, the insurance agency will try to pay less than your claim may actually be worth. If your insurance company tries to get you to settle quickly, especially if you are still in the hospital, then you want to have your attorney review the agreement before you sign. 

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