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2 mistakes some drivers make after a serious car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | Blog |

To err is human, but some mistakes can be costlier than others. In fact, when you have suffered injuries in a serious car accident, you are likely juggling many issues such as how to pay for medical bills, whether your spouse can handle the increased workload at home while helping you and if you will have a job when or if you recover.

There is so much to think about, and it is time to cut through all the clutter and get straight to the heart of the matter. What are some common and costly mistakes drivers make after a car accident?

1. Accepting the insurance company’s first offer

It can be tempting to accept the first settlement offer an insurance company sends your way. However, this offer is likely to be significantly lower than what you deserve and are capable of getting.

2. Assuming a challenge would be too expensive and lengthy

You may lean toward accepting a settlement offer you know to be too low because of the belief that hiring a lawyer to challenge it is expensive, and you do not want to wait years to see any money. The reality is that personal injury attorneys tend to work on a contingent fee basis. In other words, you pay nothing for your representation, even if you lose, and the attorneys are motivated to win your case. 

As for the timeline, it can be frustrating to have to wait just a few months more to get money. However, a few months is probably all you have to wait because it is unlikely your case would go to trial. Sometimes, it is only weeks, as insurance companies are generally not eager to drag on talks with lawyers. In the meantime, your lawyers can try several strategies to put off the due dates of your medical payments and other expenses until after you receive a settlement.