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5 tips for avoiding car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Blog |

The impact of a car accident can be profound. Medical bills, time off from work and rising insurance premiums may put you in a bind. While auto wrecks happen unexpectedly, you can take some steps to prevent them.

By avoiding motor vehicle collisions, you keep yourself safe and save money. Here are some ways to stay as safe as possible on the road.

1. Keep your car in good condition

Car maintenance is essential to avoiding a crash. Most importantly, make sure your tires and brakes are in good working condition. If your tires are bald or your brakes fail to stop you quickly enough, you may be more likely to get in an accident. Try to stick with the maintenance schedule that the manufacturer recommends. 

2. Try not to drive at night

According to Geico driving tips, you are three times more likely to be in a deadly accident at night than during the day. Because of this high risk of getting in a fatal crash, you should avoid nighttime driving whenever possible.

3. Scan the road

It may be your instinct to eyeball the vehicle directly in front of you, which is understandable. However, practice looking at traffic in front of that car, too. This helps you see upcoming hazards before it is too late.

4. Watch out for blind spots

Do not completely rely on your mirrors to see what is behind you. When you are changing lanes, look directly next to your car to be sure you are not missing anything. Additionally, keep the blind spots of other vehicles around you in mind, especially large trucks. 

5. Stay away from dangerous drivers

It may be obvious to keep your distance if a car is veering in and out of lanes, but what about less conspicuous signs? If you see a driver putting on makeup or talking on the phone, stay far away. Distracted drivers can cause severe collisions.