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Giving a recorded statement after a crash

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2019 | Uncategorized |

A car crash can do more than just ruin your day. It can result in major damage to your car, your finances and your health.

Once the scene is clear and you go about your day, several steps need to happen. A call to the insurance company to report the wreck will warrant giving something called a recorded statement. This is an essential piece to the claims process, and having a better understanding of what it is and does can help you get through it.

Purpose of a recorded statement

When an accident occurs, the insurance company needs to launch an investigation. Louisiana is one of many states that look to the at-fault driver to pay for damages. The recorded statement is an interview of sorts between the adjuster and the driver. It is a series of questions asked on a recorded line. If necessary, the answers are admissible in court.

The implications of a recorded statement

The questions may seem repetitive, and some may seem irrelevant. However, each question the claims rep asks has a purpose. The goal of the statement is to get your side of the events before, during and after the accident. Giving answers contradictory to prior questions may raise suspicions as to the authenticity of your account.

Tips for a successful statement

Understand that the recorded statement is one step in the claims process, but it is critical to the adjuster in helping determine liability. Follow some of these tips to help give yourself the best chance at a successful statement:

  • Keep answers brief
  • Do not guess if you do not know
  • Ask clarifying questions if you do not understand
  • Use pictures to describe the damage and scene
  • Do not lose your patience or get angry

Remember, anything you say in a recorded statement may come back against you. It does not hurt your case to have an attorney on the line when you give a recorded statement. A lawyer’s expertise may assist you in getting the best results for your claim. 

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