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How do motorcycle claims differ from car claims

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Traffic collisions can vary substantially in severity. Recently in Louisiana, five 18-wheelers were in a collision, and although no fatalities came out of the wreckage, a crash of that severity easily could have been much worse under specific circumstances.

Because auto accidents can vary in severity, your claims process may be significantly different from someone else’s. If you were in an accident on a motorcycle, then you can expect your insurance claim to contrast from someone else’s claim where two cars are at fault. Here are some of the major differences you should anticipate, so you can plan accordingly.

There are different laws regarding motorcyclists

The law in Louisiana is quite specific in that motorcyclists must wear a well-fitted helmet any time they are on a bike. Therefore, as part of the claims process, you need to prove your helmet was secure and did not contribute to you sustaining worse injuries than you would have received had you worn a better helmet. Additionally, the adjuster determines whether you split two lanes. Lane-splitting is illegal in Louisiana. If you attempt it, then it can affect how much money you receive from your insurance company.

Some insurance companies have a bias against motorcycles

Many insurance companies have a bias against motorcycle riders. They view these vehicles as more dangerous than cars, so there comes an expectation that if you ride on two wheels, then you should prepare for severe wounds. Some agencies work hard to avoid paying out as much as they should, so you need to follow every step of the claims process precisely to bolster your case.

Injuries on a bike are more serious

Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to suffer a fatal crash than people involved in a car accident. There is a similarly increased likelihood when it comes to injuries. As a result, the insurance company needs to pay more to cover your medical expenses, so you definitely need to make sure you go into the claim with the proper knowledge.