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Most people will be involved in a motor vehicle accident at some point in their lifetime. While many of these are insignificant, such as fender benders or those causing minor damage to the vehicle, serious accidents can occur, changing your life in an instant. In these cases it is best to hire a New Orleans auto accident lawyer.

At The Law Offices of Tim L. Fields, LLC, we advocate for those injured in car and truck accidents, and are prepared to seek the full amount of benefits and damages you deserve. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the accident and build a solid claim, advocating on your behalf to recover maximum benefits for the injuries and repair costs you have incurred.

The Steady Assistance Your Accident Claims Demand

No matter the severity of the accident, you are reliant on your insurance coverage and that of the negligent driver to cover your repair costs and any medical treatment you may need. Insurance companies, however, make a profit by paying out minimal car accident compensation, often underpaying what should actually be granted on a claim.

Studies have shown that individuals who work with an attorney recover significantly more in compensation than those who seek it on their own. Those injured need these benefits to cover immediate financial issues such as medical treatment for injuries, repair or replacement of the vehicle and lost wages due to being unable to work.

We handle a number of different types of motor vehicle accident claims, including but not limited to:

You may wonder how you can afford to hire an attorney for your accident case, but the truth is that you leave yourself in a very difficult position if you don’t have an attorney on your side. We will work with you, side by side, to help you gain a fair resolution of your claims.

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