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Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

A car accident is something that happens every single day in Louisiana. Many people have no idea about what happens after an accident. They come to us with several questions about the process and about their case in particular, and we wanted to take a few moments to provide you with some information that you may find helpful if you have been injured due to the negligence of another.

What Should I Do After An Accident?

The first thing that you should do is to get immediate treatment for any injuries that you have suffered in the crash. This is something that is extremely important later in the process, because if you have claims against the negligent parties we need to be able to show that the accident directly caused these injuries.

After you have received this care, you should contact our firm to learn more about your case. The sooner that we can begin preparing your claims, the better, because crucial evidence may be much more difficult to obtain the longer you wait before contacting us. We can perform the necessary investigation of the accident, and also help you get any additional medical care that you may need.

What Is My Case Worth?

This is perhaps the most common question that we receive. To be perfectly frank, there is no easy way to answer this question without knowing the details of your accident and your injuries.

What you need to know is that our attorney, Tim Fields, has been handling motor vehicle accident claims in Louisiana for nearly 20 years. Tim understands how to analyze your injuries and expenses to determine the exact amount of compensation you should be entitled to recover. We will provide you with a detailed assessment of your car wreck claims once we have had the opportunity to discuss your case with you.

How Long Will Things Take?

This is another question that is difficult to answer without knowing exactly where things are with your case. It is possible your case may be on the verge of settlement, or, you may be days away from a trial.

Our goal is to handle things as efficiently as possible. We are going to work hard to find a resolution that is right for you and provides you with a recovery that meets your needs. This may take days, or it may take months. It really depends upon several different issues that may be present in your case.

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