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Helping Those Accused Of Speeding, DUI And Other Traffic Issues

While the majority of adults have been charged with a traffic violation at least once, traffic violation charges are serious, and can and should be fought. Fighting a traffic violation charge can result in:

  • A continued clean record
  • Continued affordable insurance rates
  • The avoidance of employment problems, especially when driving is a required job duty
  • The avoidance of fines and even, in some instances, jail time

At The Law Offices of Tim L. Fields, LLC, we are in court regularly — even weekly — to fight the traffic violation charges of clients from the New Orleans area, from other cities in Louisiana and from states across the country.

Have you ever been charged with a traffic violation in New Orleans or a surrounding city? We can help. Call The Law Offices of Tim L. Fields, LLC, at 504-459-9266 or toll free at 800-653-4033.

Defending Against A Host Of Traffic Violations

Attorney Tim Fields has defended hundreds of people facing DUI/DWI and traffic offense charges in Louisiana. Cases we handle include:

  • Failing to signal or use brakes properly
  • Speeding tickets, racing and driving too fast for conditions
  • DUI/DWI/drunk driving
  • Passing a stopped school bus or passing an emergency vehicle
  • Failure to yield right-of-way when merging onto highway
  • Reckless driving
  • Overloading a vehicle such as to obstruct or interfere with driver’s control

In traffic court, judges tend to give out maximum sentences in the event of traffic violation convictions, especially if an attorney is not present. Often, we can have charges reduced to a nonmoving violation, so that our services more than pay for themselves and result in less severe charges on your record as well.

We May Be Able To Go To Court In Your Place

Often, we can go to court in your place, sparing you from what can be a time-consuming afternoon in traffic court, and even an unwanted visit here from another state. Some area counties, including Jefferson County, are in the process of reactivating unresolved cases from over 15 years ago. If you live in out-state Louisiana or in Texas, Arkansas, or Mississippi and have received a notice of charges, we can help. Contact us for a no-charge consultation regarding your rights and options.

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We offer free initial consultations, are available for evening and weekend appointments, employ a Spanish speaker and are conveniently located just blocks from all of the state and federal courthouses. To contact our lawyer, call us at 504-459-9266 or toll free at 800-653-4033. You may also send us an email.