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How Insurance Companies Handle Your Case

Insurance companies play a very active role in personal injury claims in Louisiana. Many clients come to us having been contacted by an insurance company and wondering if the offer they received is in their best interests. We want to provide you with some information about the tactics that insurance companies use in these cases so that you understand exactly why you need to talk to an attorney about your personal injury claims.

They Are Looking Out For Their Own Interests

Immediately after your crash, you are going to be contacted by the insurance companies of the parties involved in the accident. It is going to happen. They will call you and ask you questions about your injuries or other issues connected to the crash. They seem caring, concerned, and willing to help you at this difficult time in your life.

In many cases, these companies will make you an offer to settle your case rather quickly after the accident. They may even send a check to your house, saying all you have to do is sign and deposit it and move on with your life. They may try to tell you that you do not need a lawyer, because a lawyer will take all the money you get from your claims. This may appear to be the best way to get back on your feet.

You need to know that you should never, ever accept an offer from an insurance company without talking to an experienced personal injury lawyer. These companies have one specific goal with each accident claim that they receive: They want to settle these cases for as little as possible. This means that the amount of compensation they offer to you is likely far less than your case is worth.

From the very first moment an accident happens, an insurance company will have a team of adjusters and attorneys looking for ways to minimize the value of your claims. If you take their word on what you should expect to receive, you are making a major mistake. Do not say anything to anyone about your case until you have an attorney working for you.

Your Own Insurance Company May Not Be Completely Honest With You

This is something that comes as a shock to many people. They want to believe that the company they have developed a long relationship with will have their back when they are in an accident. Unfortunately, these companies have a bottom line that they need to protect as well, and will often not make you aware of some of the compensation that may be available to you.

For example, say that you are in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Depending upon your policy, your insurance company may be responsible for covering some of the expenses associated with your accident. These companies are not going to tell you about all of the compensation available to you. They are going to make you work hard to get what you are entitled to receive.

Put A Strong Advocate On Your Side

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