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New Orleans Jones Act Attorney

Offshore injuries and injuries occurring on ships, submersible vessels, oil rigs and other cargo barges are not covered the same way that typical workplace injuries are handled. The Jones Act provides a detailed protocol by which the offshore worker can seek compensation for the injury. The act covers any seaman, offshore worker or employee on a ship, including cruise ship workers and other non labor-intensive positions.

New Orleans maritime attorney, Tim Fields, is skilled at handling cases like these where clients may not be aware of their rights to compensation.

New Orleans Jones Act Attorney — Representation Following A Seaman Injury

The Jones Act allows offshore workers to sue their employer for injuries suffered at sea or on a vessel. The worker or seaman must prove the employer’s liability in the accident. The employer must then cover damages and pay for injuries caused by the maritime accident. These injuries can include pain, suffering, loss of work and disfigurement caused by the accident. The medical costs from these accidents quickly add up to a staggering total, and the worker can seek full compensation to cover those bills.

These accidents are often severe, causing the worker to no longer be able to work on a ship, either during the time of recovery or far into the future. The worker may seek compensation for the loss of work and earning capacity.

Jones Act cases are handled in federal court according to specific guidelines and protocol. It is important that you have an attorney who understands how to successfully represent these cases and deliver results. At The Law Offices of Tim L. Fields, LLC, our attorneys have devoted much of our practice to representing these workers and are committed to recovering the full amount needed. It is best to find an offshore injury lawyer who is also familiar with the Jones Act.

We handle cases on oil rigs across the gulf shore, including Louisiana, and farther upstream along the Mississippi. New Orleans maritime attorney Tim Fields and his team are experienced in Jones Act cases and knowledgeable of every step that must be taken to successfully recover damages for our clients.

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